Retirement Planning

We start by listening to your unique needs and goals. Then, together we create and implement a Retirement Plan tailored just for you. The Plan becomes your long-term financial roadmap with ongoing adjustments made. Our experience is that those with a Plan become more successful investors because the Plan focuses one’s mind on long-term goals rather than short-term noise.

Global Investment Strategies

Newman Schimel practices an investment strategy called value investing. The essence of value investing is that a stock is more than a ticker symbol. It is an ownership stake in an actual business. The value investing framework was developed by Benjamin Graham and improved upon by Warren Buffett.

In addition to global value investing, Newman Schimel also implements an investment strategy called indexing. The goal of indexing is to track the return of a given market index. Investments tracking market indices are passively managed and therefore often have low expenses. In addition, index investing is generally tax efficient.

Newman Schimel understands that investing is emotional. Therefore, we work with you to determine the appropriate asset allocation for your risk tolerance. Having an asset allocation that is consistent with your risk tolerance increases the chances of achieving your goals and also helps our clients sleep better at night.


We believe that one of the most important services a trusted financial advisor can provide is to help clients remain disciplined, unemotional, and focused on long-term financial goals. Long-term wealth is built by controlling emotions and avoiding costly mistakes.


Peace of Mind

Knowing that your spouse and children will have a trusted and knowledgeable resource when you are gone.